TNT Single Subscription – TNT Zone Yearly

$700.00 / year

TNT Zone Trader
– Fully Automated brake out strategy with a low-risk high reward ratio.



  1. Open the MT4 data folder by opening your MT4 chart. Click the File menu and then click Open Data Folder.
  2. Copy the file to this folder
  3. Extract the zip/compressed file by right-clicking it and clicking Extract All. When the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders window displays, make sure the checkbox for Show extracted files when complete is checked and click the Extract button.
  4. Once extracted, the folder with the extracted files will open. Double-click the folder shown to see the install files.
  5. Next, RIGHT-click the Install.ps1 file and select Run with Powershell.  When this runs, it will move the files to the MT4 directories where they need to go.


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